SENIORS!!!! Top 10 things to do prior to Nov. 1

Thu, 09/24/2020 - 2:15pm


Seniors: Top TEN things you NEED to be doing if you have a November 1 college deadline!

1. Submit this transcript request form that includes all colleges to which you plan to apply to your School Counselor. Download the form to a fillable pdf and fill it out. If you want to add colleges later, submit another form! In order for your transcript and letter of recommendation to reach colleges by the November 1st deadline this form MUST be submitted by October 5th but we ask for it ASAP! On a positive note- transcripts are FREE! We used to charge for transcripts but since COVID, they have remained free! 

2. Know that once we receive a transcript request form, our registrar will input the schools into your college's I'm applying list. She is the only one with the POWER to add to this list on Naviance.

3. Submit the teacher recommendation form to each teacher you have requested to write you a letter. Be sure to include which colleges you WANT each teacher to submit the recommendation. For example, College ABC might only require one teacher recommendation so therefore you need to specify which teacher you want to submit the letter to that school. 

4. Request teachers on Naviance that have agreed to write your letter of recommendation. Go to Naviance -> Colleges tab -> Letters of recommendation and select your teacher from a drop down menu. Teachers do NOT have access to your Naviance account without this invitation and therefore cannot submit letters without being requested. Can't find your ARL teacher? That is because ARL teachers do NOT need to be requested as they have access to all students in Naviance.

5. If you have not already completed teacher input or counselor input forms, complete them now! Additionally, if you have new information you would like included in your letter of recommendation (family situation change, summer experience) please let your counselor know so they can re-open your survey. These forms are found in Naviance-> About me -> Surveys not completed. Teachers and counselors rely heavily on what students write so be detailed and thorough.

6. If you are applying to colleges using the Common Application, match Common App to Naviance. Watch this video if you are struggling. Counselors and teachers cannot send information to common app schools until you match your Naviance account. You do NOT need to match other platforms such as Coalition.

7. Visit our Canvas page (often), and check all announcements. Use this Deadlines Cheat Sheet to make sure you are meeting all transcript deadlines. NOTE - If you have an October 15th deadline, your transcript was due on September 17th, in order to have it processed it should be to your counselor by September 25th!

8. Review the thorough college checklist to make sure you are completing all the steps. Please note you must send your SAT or ACT test scores to colleges, we cannot send them for you!

9. Understand that once you submit the transcript request, we will send the following to each college: your high school transcript that INCLUDES senior year courses, a letter of recommendation from all teachers you requested, a letter of recommendation from your counselor if requested, a school profile that includes information about Oakland Mills student population, courses offered, grading practices, special programs (ex. ARL, Independent Research) and clarification on grading and scheduling during COVID. Also, we send mid-year grades to all schools that are listed on the transcript request form, whether you want grades sent or not so NO SENIOR SLUMP!

10. Visit the website for the colleges you are applying and verify deadlines and requirements. If you have any questions, reach out to an admissions or financial aid counselor at the school OR reach out to your school counselor.