Course Overviews

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G/T Program

Independent Research

While in the Independent Research program, students design an original research study or creative production in self-selected areas of interest. Students learn advanced-level research methodologies and college-level writing and oral presentation skills. Under the guidance of the G/T resource teacher, each student identifies a problem and formulates a research question. Student researchers address identified problems, answer research questions, and communicate the results of their creative achievements to appropriate audiences. Students collaborate and receive ongoing feedback from professionals in their selected areas of study.

Download the Independent Research Application.


Intern/Mentor Program

The purpose of this course is to provide students with a real world interaction not possible from the classroom. While on-site, students are asked to demonstrate initiative, task commitment, above-average ability, and creativity. Mentors can trust that these students are resourceful and independent, capable of completing tasks, and eager to engage in hands-on experience as much as possible. 

Download the Intern-Mentor Program Application.