OMHS Food Pantry Decades Donation Competition

Tue, 10/10/2023 - 11:38am


Happy 50th Anniversary OMHS! 

Are you an OMHS alum? Do you know an OMHS alum that you can forward this to? Do you have or know a current student or class at OMHS that you'd like to support?

In conjunction with the OMHS 50th anniversary homecoming celebration, the OMHS Food Pantry is holding a Decades Donation fundraiser. Here's how it works.

Go to this link, and along with your name and email address, add your graduation year (or the year of a current class that you'd like to support), and make a donation!

You can also donate via check made out to OMHS with FOOD PANTRY in the memo line) and mail it to:

  • Oakland Mills High School
    9410 Kilimanjaro Road
    Columbia, MD 21045
    Attention: FOOD PANTRY

We'll have a table at the Pancake Breakfast/Community Fair on Saturday, October 14 with donation boxes and a QR code for easy online access. (We will also be collecting non-perishable foods for the Food Pantry!)

The decade of graduates that raises the most money will split the amount that they raised with the current OMHS class that represented them at this year's homecoming festivities and the Food Pantry. That class will then be able to use the money for any class activities they have coming up. All other funds raised will go directly to support the OMHS Food Pantry's community work.

  • The 1970s and 2020s (because neither was a full decade) - Class of 2025
  • The 1980s - Class of 2027
  • The 1990s - Class of 2024
  • The 2000s - Class of 2026
  • The 2010s - split evenly between all four classes

This fundraiser will remain open until January 2, 2024, with the winning decade/current class to be announced on Friday, January 5, 2024.