Football Games and Tickets

Wed, 09/13/2023 - 12:57pm


Important Information:

  • Student ID or synergy schedule is required to gain entry
  • No elementary or middle school students are permitted in the game without adult supervision
  • No backpacks will be permitted at the game
  • There will be no re-entry into the game once the Varsity game starts
  • No hanging out in the parking lot 
  • Students must be picked up no more than 30 minutes after the game ends 
  • Please be aware that if unruly behavior occurs students could risk suspension, be banned from attending future events which will include Homecoming dance
  • Tobacco, alcohol and drugs are prohibited, as is attending under the influence
  • The use of profanity or derogatory/offensive language in “cheers” is prohibited
  • No outside food or beverages
  • Spectators may not single out an individual player by number or name
  • Once a game begins, the officials are in control and their decisions are final. 
  • No jumping in the stands
  • Please sit in designated area (for home team or visitors)
  • No pets, bikes, skates, or skateboards are allowed at the game
  • No playing catch in the stands or at the game
  • Stadium track will be closed to all joggers and walkers prior to the start of the game