Class of 2022 Grassroots Fundraiser

Fri, 01/22/2021 - 1:50pm


The Junior class SGA is hosting a fundraiser for Grassroots. Grassroots is a multi-service crisis intervention center providing 24-hour crisis intervention services, emergency and transitional shelter, and community education. Proceeds will go towards “Buying a day” for Grassroots. Buying a day means we sponsor all the activities that take place at Grassroots for one day. To do this, we will need to raise at least $2,400! We plan to sponsor March 13th, 2021 since that is the 1-year anniversary of the day that schools closed.

We are competing with Hammond High School to see who can raise the most money! The competition will end on February 19th.

The winning school's principal will have to do a TikTok dance chosen by the winning school. The video will be shown in flextime and on social media!

Follow our Instagram @2022OMHS for updates on this competition.

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Image of flier for fundraiser.