OMHS Senior Graduation Ceremony Video Directions

Mon, 05/18/2020 - 3:41pm

The directions below were also distributed via an announcement in the Oakland Mills High School Student Resources course in Canvas. Directions and a link to upload your video can be found here

From the video production company about your OMHS graduation video:

1] Video must be less than 15 seconds in duration.

2] Your cap and gown should be worn in the video.

3] Only 10 seconds of video will be used.

4] Audio from the video will not be used from the ceremony.  So, there will be no sound used from your video in the ceremony.

5] Please say your full name (first middle last) at the start of the video.  This will be used to identify you as well as assist with pronunciation; it will not be used during the ceremony.

6] Please pause for a moment after saying your name and before continuing with your recording.

7] Be sure to orient your device to landscape orientation (not portrait orientation) before you record.


8] Consider lighting conditions.  Outdoor lighting is preferred.  The lighting source (sun, lamp, etc.) should be in front of you, not behind you.

9] You can find this same information at Student Video Directions.pdf.  

From Oakland Mills High School about your graduation video:

10] Website link to upload your video.  

11] The deadline to upload your video is Wednesday, May 20.

12] Since 10 seconds of your video will be used for the online ceremony, consider how to use your 10 seconds.  You can wave, smile, hold up a sign thanking your family and teachers, etc. 

13] Inappropriate content, gestures or imagery will not be permitted, and the presence of any of these elements in videos will cause the video to be rejected. 

14] Questions? Please contact

We look forward to seeing you shine in our Class of 2020 graduation ceremony on

June 5, 2020 at 9am!