Important Message from OMHS - UPDATE

Fri, 05/29/2020 - 6:59pm


Dear Oakland Mills High School CommUnity,

Again I want to take a moment to thank several of our Oakland Mills students and community members for expressing their concern to me with regards to the inflammatory statement that was posted in a picture on a social media platform last night. I thank all of you for your patience as these situations are never easy to manage. Please know that our utmost concern is always the social, emotional, and physical safety and security of our students, staff, and community.  

I’m also thankful to our school system leadership and county partners who are currently helping and supporting us as we collaborate in this ongoing investigation to adequately address the situation. While confidentiality and the policies that I am charged to uphold will not reveal details of the investigation once it is concluded, I do want you to know that appropriate actions are being taken and again - we do not condone any form of this type of hate speech.

I realize that there is a lot going on right now in our world and in our country. With recent events that are being captured and viewed in multiple news media outlets, we are watching our nation catapult into an emotional roller coaster - where tensions are high, reactions are painful and real, and people are genuinely impacted by their feelings of hurt and injustice. Howard County is not exempt from this.

I do believe that as a county, we are truly focused on equity in action, striving to value and respect everyone, so each individual feels included and safe with a meaningful voice. I know at Oakland Mills High School, one of the things I love about being its leader is that despite any trials or obstacles that try to knock us down, we get back up, we dust each other off, we band together for the cause, and we move and press forward… together. It is my hope that during this time, we remain true to our core values and what we believe, that We are OM, and that we are Strongest Together.

Dr. Jeffrey Fink

Principal, Oakland Mills High School