Class of 2019 - Senior Breakfast

Thu, 04/25/2019 - 12:11pm

Parents and Guardians,

You can be an integral part of the celebrations we have coming up for our OMHS Seniors! Below is a sign up for food donations to help with our Senior Breakfast on May 3rd. If you are able to provide any of the materials requested on the sign up, please bring them to the school May 2nd or email to inform Mrs. Bailer that you plan to drop off your materials the morning of. The Senior Breakfast must be set up prior to 7:40am when the students will be invited to join us in the cafeteria.

Keep a look out for another sign up for the Senior Picnic coming up on May 23rd! 

Thank you for helping us celebrate!
Ashley Bailer
Class of 2019 Sponsor