Announcements - Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 11:50am
  • Today's Tip for Earth Day!
    • Did you know: Americans generate 10.5 million tons of PLASTIC waste a year but recycle only 1 or 2 % of it. An estimated 14 billion pounds of trash-most of it plastic -is dumped in the world's oceans every year.
    • What You Can Do to End Plastic Pollution!
      • Bring your own reusable shopping and produce bags to markets, and avoid using single-use plastic bags.
      • Bring your own reusable cup when going out to get beverages.
      • Like sipping through straws? Get a reusable stainless steel, glass, or bamboo one to use instead of wasteful plastic ones.
      • Instead of buying water in plastic bottles, invest in a water filter and reusable water bottle(s). Bonus: it’s cheaper in the long run.
      • You can make a difference!

  • Attention Juniors, MATH SAT Prep will be meeting today in Room 511, Mr. Davis’s room from 2:20 to 3;30pm.  We will have a make-up meeting tomorrow Thursday the 25th for the meeting missed earlier this month.

  • Attention Seniors!  The Vincent James Scholarship is now open for students to apply.  If you are attending a 2 year or 4 year school, come by the counseling center to pick up a copy or check out naviance for an electronic copy. A recommendation letter is required. The deadline is 3pm, Friday, April 26th.  Please submit your completed applications to Ms. Hart in the counseling center.