Civility (Policy 1000)

Wed, 03/01/2017 - 1:53pm

The Board has set clear expectations for civil behavior that supports a safe, engaging, and supportive environment on school property and at school-related activities. Unacceptable behaviors include but are not limited to:

  • Rude, insulting, or demeaning language and/or actions.
  • Persistently unreasonable demands.
  • Intrusive and/or interruptive behavior.
  • Displays of temper.
  • Harassment and intimidation.
  • Threatening and/or abusive gestures and behavior.

Each individual is responsible for behaving in a civil manner and for cooperating in resolving incidents of uncivil behavior.
When resolution is not reached through cooperative agreement, either party involved may cite this policy and notify the other person that they are ending the conversation or the interaction and removing themselves from the situation by ending a phone call, walking out of the room, or requesting the other individual to leave the room.