Scorps in the News

Thu, 06/04/2015 - 7:54pm

Arlene Charles Receives 1st Place in HoCoPoLitSo Awards

Class of 2015 graduate and Advanced Comp student Arlene Charles received 1st place in the personal essay category of the Howard County Poetry and Literary Societyawards. She joins Zoee Leckron (3rd place, poetry) and Jacob Hale (3rd place, short story). In addition, the following OM students were chosen by the English Department to receive HoCoPoLitSo’s Promise and Achievement Award in Language Arts. Noel Ely Cuff, Samantha Garzon, and Kiah Hyman. Congratulations to all our literary Scorps!

Zoee Leckron & Jacob Hale Winners in HoCoPoLitSo

Howard County Poetry & Literature Society's Annual Writing Contest (HoCoPoLitSo): Zoee Leckron, 3rd Place winner, Poetry Division; Jacob Hale, 3rd Place winner, Short Story Division. Congrats to these talented Advanced Comp students!