Active Minds at Oakland Mills High School

High school is a stressful and overwhelming time period in a teenager's life, and in today's society, students are pressured to take all of the hardest classes, be involved in tons of extra-curricula, get the highest grades, have a job, and more. All of this pressure can take a toll on the wellbeing of students and harm their mental health.

The goal of Active Minds: to provide resources and education to increase mental health awareness, help students be mentally healthy, advocate for the mental health of students, and destigmatize mental illnesses.

Active Minds is a national organization which promotes mental health education and support through high school and college-based chapters. There are no requirements to become a member of this club, but if a person is to be a member, it is expected that they would attend the different meetings and events. If they are unable to attend, it is expected that this would be made known before that date.

Meeting times: Once a month on Tuesdays, 2:30-3:30pm, Room 410


Jonathan Solomon | School Psychologist |