Future Healthcare Leaders of America

Future Healthcare Leaders of American strives to introduce all future medical students to the struggles and possible outlets for students interested in medicine. With this club, students would get to talk to people who are currently working in some sort of healthcare field about the things that they do, where they work, and how they got to where they are. We would also find job fairs and conventions that we can go to as a group to introduce the members of this club to people that can get them where they want to be in terms of their professions. Lastly, we would bring to light as many health awareness weeks as we can to the students of Oakland Mills High School through craft shops, info sessions, announcements every day through the week, and much more. The main aim of this club is to introduce students to all aspects of healthcare and to prepare them for what they may encounter.

Meeting times: Every other Wednesday from 2:15-4:00pm.

Amy Connor Axline | amy_connoraxline@hcpss.org