Free and Reduced Meals Program Participant Resources

If your high school student participates in the Free and Reduced Meals Program, he or she qualifies for the following:

  • Reduced Tuition for HCPSS Summer School
  • Free Registration for Advanced Placement Exams
  • Free Registrations for two SAT I and two SAT Subjects' Test
  • Free Registration for two ACT Tests
  • Four Free College Applications
  • Qualification for the Guaranteed Access Grant (full tuition at a MD college)
  • Free Registration for the NCAA Clearinghouse for students considering Division I or Division II Athletics

There are income eligibility guidelines to qualify for this program; however, so take a look at the National School Lunch Program/School Breakfast Program Application each student was given the first week of school. If you are in need of another one, have your child stop by the Front Office. You can also contact your school counselor to access any of the above resources.