Sign Up for OMHS PTSA Membership Electronically

Mon, 10/23/2017 - 9:30am

A community united to support the pursuit of post-secondary education for every student - PTA's mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. 

PTSA sponsors the Fall Craft Fair, AfterProm, Scholarships and MORE!

The OMHS PTSA is pleased to offer membership by email and PayPal.

Please cut and paste the Email Membership Form into an email. Fill out the requested information after each colon and email it to Please make the associated payment through PayPal. The instructions to make the PayPal payment follow after the form.
Beginning of form*********************************************
OMHS PTSA 2017/2018 Email Membership Form

First and Last Name:
Street Address:
City if not Columbia:
Preferred contact method (email, text, call):
Please enter your students
Student 1 Name:
Student 1 Grade:
Student 2 Name:
Student 2 Grade:
Student 3 Name:
Student 3 Grade:
Please enter the amount for membership dues.  $4.50 of each $10 membership pays the National and State PTA dues, $5.50 remains with the OMHS PTSA.
Number of adults and students to be members:
Dues amount (number of members x$10):

Donations are very important for our efforts and 100% of your donation is used right here to help OMHS and our students. The PTSA is a 501©(3) charity and donations are tax deductible.
Amount of general donation to the PTSA:
Amount of donation specifically for the OMHS PTSA Scholarship fund:
Total amount of membership and donations (pay by PayPal):
I would like to get more involved and volunteer in the follow areas. (mark with x)
Call me I want to help:
Teacher Appreciation and Hospitality:
After Prom Party:
Awards and Scholarships:
Craft Fair:
Community Outreach:
Reflection (PTA art program):
Business Partner Outreach:
Food donations:
Please send me my membership cards and donation receipt (mark X):
Given to my student above at school:
Mail to my address above:
End of Form*******************************************************

Please pay the amount above thru PayPal using the instructions below.
1) Fill out the email membership form copied from the PTSA website or Facebook.
2) Log into your PayPal account.
3) Select “pay or send money.”
4) Select “send to friends and family in the US.”
5) Enter in the PTSA paypal email address:
6) Enter in the total dollar amount from the membership form, e.g. $10 for a single membership; $30 for two memberships and a $10 donation.
7) Click “add a note”  and type your name,  and details about the amount, e.g. Susan Smith, two membership dues and $10 donation. Please be specific to help us keep track of the payments.
8) Hit “continue.”
9) Review your payment. Note: There is no PayPal fee if you pay from your PayPal balance. There is the normal PayPal fee of $.30 plus 2.9% if you choose to pay from your credit card.
10) Hit the “send money now” button. This completes the transaction.
11) Please note payment to PayPal on your membership form and email the form to Thank you for joining the PTSA.