Blandair Park Construction News

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 11:44am

An engineer from the Blandair Park construction team informed us that starting Monday afternoon (May 15, 2017) students will not be able to walk/cut through the path by Blandair Park to access Blandair Park (and therefore leave/enter the school through the back). Our understanding is the corner of Old Montgomery and Oakland Mills Rd will have jersey wall blockages by the park area. We have been told that all roads WILL be accessible by car and bus. Students will have to walk on the sidewalk of Oakland Mills Rd and then cross at the light at Kilimanjaro Rd (and not take a short cut). Students need to allow for more time to get to school and home. If anything changes, we will keep you informed. It is our understanding that this blockage will continue through the end of the year.