Oakland Mills High School Early College Program

A Partnership Between OMHS and Howard Community College
Field of Study: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
In the Early College Program, students will focus on obtaining an Associates of Arts (AA) with a concentration in STEM. At the end of their senior year at OMHS, students will graduate high school with 30 or more college credits. They will have the opportunity to continue at HCC for one more year to obtain their AA, which they will receive upon the successful completion of 60 credits in STEM areas of study. Students may also choose to attend a four-year institution upon high school graduation and apply to transfer their HCC credits to their college/university of choice. Most community college credits transfer to four-year institutions, but each college/university is different.
Purpose: To engage in challenging courses to prepare for and take high school credit and college credit (dual-credit) courses beginning sophomore year in high school.
Reasoning: To build critical thinking skills, perseverance, and flexibility to be successful within the ever-changing landscape of our competitive, global society.

ECP Course Outline for Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors

Grade 9: Incoming freshmen need to be eligible for the classes below in their freshmen year. Expected GPA: 2.0 (or higher)

Grade 10: Sophomores must be eligible for the classes outlined below in their sophomore year. Expected GPA: 2.5 (or higher)

Grade 11: Juniors must be eligible for the classes below in their junior year. Expected GPA: 3.0 (or higher)

ECP English and Math Dual-Credit Courses

Credit Totals for End of Junior Year (including English classes):

  • Math Track 1: 12 credits
  • Math Track 2: 20 credits

Cost: OMHS students will pay approximately half of the fee per credit, which is a savings of approximately $200 per course. This does not include registration and/or lab fees.

To Be Considered:

  • Students can apply when they are entering their freshman or sophomore years only due to the start of dual-credit courses in the sophomore year.